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Esra is 34 and grew up in Turkey. She came to the Netherlands as an expat in 2019 and has since lived in Hillegersberg-Zuid with her husband and daughter. She recently welcomed her second child. Despite always working in the corporate world, Esra has always had a passion for baking.


During the corona lock-down she finally had time to focus more on her passion, only to discover that this was completely her thing. She baked so much, that she gave what she had left to her neighbors. This turned out to be a bull's eye, everyone loved Esra's pastries and she soon started selling her pastries on Instagram. 


In the meantime, she has entered into collaborations with Wijnbar de Avonden, Sweet Magnolias and Proeflokaal Katendrecht in Rotterdam to supply her pastries. She was at the Rotterdam Oogstmarkt every month in 2022 and she is often asked for pop-up events. All this in addition to all the orders from consumers that come in on her Instagram, from macarons to sourdough breads and from tarlettes to birthday cakes. Now is the time to turn her passion into her work and take the step towards starting her own business - an exclusive French patisserie!

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